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We are Makers_

We realize the unimaginable

Who are we?

Telefónica R&D, the Company of the Telefónica holding advocated to Innovation and Development, was born in 1988 having the mission of contributing to competitiveness and modernity of the holding, based on technological innovation and development; and applying new ideas, concepts and methods. It develops advanced products and services.

Telefónica R&D is one of the oldest private R&D centers in Spain, in terms of activity and resources; and it is the leading company in the continent, in terms of European research projects it is involved in. The main asset of Telefónica R&D is its people, 97% comprised of university graduated students from 18 nationalities.

Currently, TRD collaborates with several technological leaders and organizations from 40 countries — more than 150 universities worldwide, among them. At the same time, it participates in the main international forums on ICT technological knowledge, building around it one of the largest European innovation ecosystems.

Products such as the modular public telephone used in current booths of Telefónica (1990); the big management systems for land line and mobile networks (1990); data commuters (1991); Internet Access Services (1996); developments for the digital home and the connected automobile (2000); the prepayment system for mobile telephony (2004); a-la-carte, digital interactive TV (Imagenio) (2004), the new TV services and the new business models for the Internet (2006) are a few of its many results.

In this last stage, Telefónica R&D has grown as to create a network of technological excellence centers expanding its activities in the Barcelona, Granada, Huesca, Madrid, and Valladolid branches.

At the same time, Telefónica R&D works with companies from the Telefónica Holding in the rest of Europe and America.

The summary of activities of TRD is materialized in an every year increasingly growing portfolio of patents, as well as in a few of the most innovative products the Telefónica Holding has released during the last few months.

In 2013, Telefónica decided to open a new branch called Telefónica R&D Chile. This new center is oriented to the research and development of technological solutions making industrial processes more efficient and improving people’s quality of life.We realize the unimaginable

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is resolving concrete problems adding measurable value to productivity challenges of the national industry and the quality of life of people of the country. Our Vision is becoming acknowledged in Chile and the World as an organization that develops cutting edge technology that solves complex and real problems and that ultimately empowers people into the digital world.

Our team

We are clear that the talent cannot be bought nor demanded, but deserved. That is why we are designing a really challenging portfolio and a working climate aligned with those challenges.In our journey, those Makers  who are able to make unimaginable things real travel with us.We recruit talent without borders, join our team.

Culture and innovation

We develop horizontal thinking; we value out of the box thinking; we encourage looking from the balcony; and we strongly believe that creativity is not reserved for geniuses, but it is a skill we all could develop.We have the capability of recognizing the real limitations of assumptions, and we break them through as to reach our goals.

You write the rules for creativity!