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Research Areas_

Our focus is put in applying technology in relevant areas for industry productivity and people’s quality of life.

Research areas


Mining is the largest industry in Chile. On its own, it represents 12% of the GDP and around 30% of the world-wide production of metals, having one of the largest reserves of diverse metals around the world. Our country is recognized as an important player in the world, both due to its production as well as for its technological innovation.

Lately, competitiveness in Chile and the world has been diminished due to a series of factors, among which lower ore grades, high cost of energy, the age of the ore bodies, and the relationship with the mining ecosystem could be highlighted.

Our challenge as an Excellence Center is keeping the worldwide leadership of the Chilean mining industry, contributing with technological solutions that solve problems inherent to this industry; that enable reaching new efficiency and reliability thresholds, ensuring at the same time, the sustainability of the business.


Without questions, Chile is one of the main agricultural producers in Latin America, and it is an important player in the agribusiness markets word wide. Internally, the agricultural activity is one of the main economic drivers; and along with the livestock and forestry activities are positioned as the main economical activities of the central-southern area of the country.

In the last few years, the exports have reached historical levels, positioning our products in the demanding European and Asian markets. The geographical diversity and constant demand by the competitive international markets set challenges and issues in every field. The Telefónica’s Research and Development Center will propose technological solutions to the main challenges, with a focus on production, quality and sustainability, seeking to position Chile as an agribusiness power, and thus creating the agriculture of the future.


The cities of the future will be safer, more sustainable, efficient, comfortable and interactive.

We will live in an urban environment in where we will be constantly communicating with the citizens, and where we will be able to manage the public services ourselves in real time in order to improve the quality of life — whether through traffic management, garbage collection, irrigation systems, alerts to the local authorities when there is a problem, and new ways that allows the government to be in touch with people.

M2M Technologies allow the collection and transmission of the information that helps us making smarter decisions, and the R&D Center in Chile will lead these changes in cities within national territory.

The city of the future is a Smart City thanks to M2M solutions.