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Ecosystem open for innovation

Together, we are main players of change

Boosting the Ecosystem

Chile has the opportunity to become an R&D&i HUB (Research, Development and Innovation) in Latin America. As to achieve this, boosting the competitiveness of the economy, strengthening the public-private relationship, reinventing the connection between the Academy and the Company, leveraging its human capital and offering new value to the world is necessary.

We envisioned a dynamic, open ecosystem, that collaborates and jointly-develop around challenges and in which all its players can see the concrete value of being part of it.

As to conduct our research lines, we are in the search and contact of all those players that are potential members of the ecosystem that we want to build around technology, platform and the Center.

We develop agreements under different models of collaboration and business with suppliers, communities of developers, innovators, entrepreneurs, universities, other research centers, public and private organizations, among others.

If you want to be part of our ecosystem, contact us in our section ‘Work with us’

More information

Comming soon

  • Second Open FIWARE Workshop, January 20th to 23th, 2015
    • ORION, COSMOS and IoT Generic Enablers



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